Larry & Gerry


"We were happy to be the first tenants to move into Living on Fourteenth in 2016.  After having sold our place at the lake due to mobility issues we did not want to own again.  Living on Fourteenth has provided us a great place to call home during our retirement and having no maintenance is wonderful.  We are treated like family and surrounded by many great neighbors.  We are extremely happy living here and having no worries."

Pete & Sue


"We had made the decision to downsize and simplify our lives, but did not know where we wanted to live.  We looked at alternate living arrangements for over a year and found nothing comparable to Living on Fourteenth in Hanover; It's the perfect place & location to spend our retirement!  We have a wonderful unit with high end finishes and lots of space. Located close to all shopping amenities, a good hospital, lovely library and wonderful countryside surrounding.  We know longer are concerned with taxes, house insurance, repairs or yard work giving us more time to do what we want instead of what we have to. Our neighbours are wonderful, Our landlord could not be better with attentiveness to our concerns, yard work, snow removal and maintenance as well giving us our space to feel as if it's our own home.  We are so very content and happy Living on Fourteenth, we know you will be too."

Ron & Alda


"Getting older and keeping up with maintenance on an older home became a challenge for us.  We knew we did not want to rent and wanted something very nice to spend our retirement years after working so hard all our life.  We purchased one of Living on Fourteenth's new semi-detached single level homes in Summer 2018.  It took a bit to get settled but we absolutely love it here.  With the open concept there is lots of space and light and our feet are never cold with our new in floor heating.  Yard maintenance is very easy with minimal effort.  We absolutely love the large garage and having no steps is wonderful.  We are very proud of our new home and highly recommend buying one."